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I’m going to go on a hiatus

I’m gonna be taking a break from this blog for an extended period of time. For a while now, I’ve had a queue set up and have been regularly adding to it but lately it’s been relatively difficult for me to focus on it and add things consistently. I’ve also been trying to focus on my art more, trying to accomplish goals, actually doing things with my friends and family in real life. In addition to this, I am also going to be more focused on school— it’s not starting until next week but this upcoming week I’m going to be doing tennis practice, taking community college classes, and practicing my driving so I’ll be ready for my driver’s test. 

If you want to keep up with stuff I’m doing follow me on my instagram, mariahcozette or you can add my snapchat millerthekiller. Peace out


looking at your favorite character like




I put my cat in a sweater


oh. my. GOD.


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that girl you just called fat? who cares about her backstory, you just shouldn’t be a dick to people
like do we really need a tragic story to get people to stop being mean to each other wtf


the road to success is under construction


i went to somebodies blog and checked their me tag and there was no pictures of me im tired of all this lying and backstabbing


my life became 600% better when i started acting like a self obsessed piece of shit like 10/10 would recommend

even if u don’t actually genuinely love yourself its fuckin fun to act like you think you’re the human embodiment of perfection go on try it life’s too short to not fall in love with yourself

Years ago I learned a very cool thing about Robin Williams, and I couldn’t watch a movie of his afterward without thinking of it. I never actually booked Robin Williams for an event, but I came close enough that his office sent over his rider. For those outside of the entertainment industry, a rider lists out an artist’s specific personal and technical needs for hosting them for an event, anything from bottled water and their green room to sound and lighting requirements. You can learn a lot about a person from their rider. This is where rocks bands list their requirement for green M&Ms (which is actually a surprisingly smart thing to do). This is also where a famous environmentalist requires a large gas-guzzling private jet to fly to the event city, but then requires an electric or hybrid car to take said environmentalist to the event venue when in view of the public.
When I got Robin Williams’ rider, I was very surprised by what I found. He actually had a requirement that for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work. I never watched a Robin Williams movie the same way after that. I’m sure that on his own time and with his own money, he was working with these people in need, but he’d also decided to use his clout as an entertainer to make sure that production companies and event planners also learned the value of giving people a chance to work their way back. I wonder how many production companies continued the practice into their next non-Robin Williams project, as well as how many people got a chance at a job and the pride of earning an income, even temporarily, from his actions. He was a great multiplier of his impact. Let’s hope that impact lives on without him. Thanks, Robin Williams- not just for laughs, but also for a cool example.
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do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing